well, you know the mermaid spell didn't work but I did find some info about becoming a mermaid.

To become a mermaid, you must just wish for it
you don't need spells, or anything like that. You need to just wish.
I am just so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!  my report card says im stupid and mean!!! I bet non of you think that but it says I STUPID AND MEAN SO I DONT LIKE MYSELF FOR THAT!
lily and I decided to make are own spell, it is long and should work in a week or month. also, I have some news.

if your going to ask for a response to a contact fourm place it will be in the fourms alright? alright!

and for your nick users...

im gerbil9202 on nick! (gerbil is what im called mostly.)

okay and for nick users say your on nick
today the spell is said to work!!! it should work now.... I am only going to try it when I can call lily.

I am testing if it worked


no, my spell didn't work. but im keeping the spell up because I have a thinking that lily and I didn't belive enough. we will be trying more spells but I may be hoping on the neko train!1




lily is my mermaid friend!!! hey lily!
so, today we will talk about 2 very good topics to talk about!

the never give up code!
if you think you wont become a mermaid (or any goals for that matter.) snap out of it! it wont work if you think it wont!
belief is what you need!

portals are gatways to where mermaids live! they are few, and I am not even 100% sure they are real! it may be where they are hiding.... they look some what like this:
but under water and a bit more magical
thought you might want to know,

activation: water powers unite!
de activation: water powers fall apart


I have found that with some spells you cant choose your power! like with mine, I wanted heating water but I got teleporting and moving things with my mind!!!!!!! (in my opinion way awesomer.) so if you don't get the power or tail color you want just live with it! you have power
the other day I put my lunch on the table when something MAGIC happened! my lunch box was in my back pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my lunch box had teleported! I have also found a slight ability to move things with my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  awesome!

happy swimming,

sapphire shine
yeah.......... the spell is due to work on thursaday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    mermaid name: sapphire shine

    tail color: heather plum

    powers: teleporting and moving things with mind