I hate it, yet I have to go to my mathnasium class today, so any way I am failing at math so im kind of mad.... I wish there was a mermaid school, all the subjects would be entertaining.

so carrying on I would like to post a few mermaid facts!

- mermaids and mermen can be found all over the world
- mermaids often swim with dolphins and seals
- mermaid symbols are the comb and the shell
- * thinks if should say this * if they are umm * rethinks * eaten, you will get immortality

but PLEASE  don't eat a mermaid!!!!!

ha ha s in the sea forever,

sapphire shine
I just ate pizza so yeah, but I am super bored well I wait for my- oh here she is! my friend.

happy sw
a few weeks ago I got out of the shower and there was still water in the tub so I decided to go back in, then something MAGIC happened, my legs stuck together right after I said my activation words!  it felt so wonderful just like a mermaid tail :) when I tryied to get out my legs wanted back in, but once I said my de activation words everything was better. I think my spell just might work :)
now you have a taste of my amazing under water world, please protect it for trash litters beaches that once looked like the last picture, oil spills into oceans that  look like the third to last picture hurting birds and fish like the first picture or the sixth picture. please protect the ocean,

sapphire shine
I am having a prob. with the widgets in the fun stuff place, under fish aquarium do you see fish bowl or a ton of website address?  lease tell me in the comments okay.

happy swimming!

sapphire shine

(I f
today is going ta be a short (or very long.) blog post. it will talk bout some IMPORTANT topics yes.... okay here we gos:

mermaid room
ou want your room to
feel mermacious then paint your walls in a cool color like green, purple, blue.
You don't have to do this step if you don't want to! If you decide to, you can
cover your walls in pictures of beautiful beaches, fish or dolphins, or even
mermaids! Take a fishing net (you can buy them at US Toy or Party City for
pretty cheapp.. like $4 or $5) and wrap it around a chair! Place shells or sea
glass on your dresser table, and burn ocean breeze scented candles or oil for an

this isn't your style, or you don't
want to, don't change your room! This is just an idea for people that do want to
make their room swishy!


once if figure out 'bout these portals I will tell ya more!

school is so boring... AND ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! I am bummed tho, my swimming lessons are canceled. but I get to hang out for meh peeps. so..... a treat yes you need a treat well here it is! check one of the things above.
I love mermaids
 I am new to the website maker so im going to like try stuff....
Click here to upload file

I tried stuff,........

happy swimming!

sapphire shine
check out the new mermaid contact page!!!!!!! there are tons of sweet stuff on there.

I guess it is a treat for you time....... hey the new page is a treat!

happy swimming!

sapphire shine


i am having trouble bringing people to the site.... is anyone interested? well, if you know anyone please tell them to check it out, remember the address is mermaidmeblueofthesea.weebly.com also, i need more comments so please comment TONS. anyway, it is really really rainy here.. water... that's good i guess... i am just upset because my friends little sisters are going away to boarding school, my friend might move to California, and  there are tons of creepy evil guys running around. so... here is a treat for you:
ao up there is 2 random pics from meh PC, nothing to do with mermaids but you know it is a treat for you.

happy swimming!

sapphire shine


    mermaid name: sapphire shine

    tail color: heather plum

    powers: teleporting and moving things with mind