5/29/2013 08:04:47 pm

well I am not a mermaid and I do and don't well I do but I don't want anything strange happening with me and when your a mermaid what with the moon tell me every thing about the moon with mermaids

Saphire shine
1/20/2014 10:22:16 am

I have done research and i found that (thankfully) mermaids do not get moon struck. It took me a while to find that this was only some thing from a tv show, mermaids are attracted to the moon and can possibly get powers from the moon, but no moon struckness.

6/13/2014 07:10:16 am

i have tried so many spells none of them work for me i belive with all my heart but they dont work


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    mermaid name: sapphire shine

    tail color: heather plum

    powers: teleporting and moving things with mind