i am having trouble bringing people to the site.... is anyone interested? well, if you know anyone please tell them to check it out, remember the address is mermaidmeblueofthesea.weebly.com also, i need more comments so please comment TONS. anyway, it is really really rainy here.. water... that's good i guess... i am just upset because my friends little sisters are going away to boarding school, my friend might move to California, and  there are tons of creepy evil guys running around. so... here is a treat for you:
ao up there is 2 random pics from meh PC, nothing to do with mermaids but you know it is a treat for you.

happy swimming!

sapphire shine
5/30/2016 07:07:57 am

How do u become a mer


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    mermaid name: sapphire shine

    tail color: heather plum

    powers: teleporting and moving things with mind